VBS 2011 - Pandamania - Friday - God Gives Good Gifts!

We learned how God gave Hanna a son and we explored what good gifts God has given us! The opportunity to tell others about His Son, plus an exciting and wonderful week together. We hope this season has been a blessing you can take home to your whole family.

VBS 2011 - Pandamania - Scenes from Friday

VBS 2011 - Pandamania - Thursday - God Loves Us No Matter What!

Even after Peter denied that he knew Jesus, Jesus forgave him and continued to be with him.

VBS 2011 - Pandamania - Scenes from Thursday

VBS 2011 - Pandamania - Wednesday - God watches over us!

Today we learned that God watches over us, just like he watched over Jonah and the city of Nineveh.

VBS 2011 - Pandamania - Scenes from Wednesday

VBS 2011 - Pandamania - Tuesday - God Listens to Us!

On Day 2 We learned that God listens to us, just like he listened to Elijah’s prayer.  God showed he was the only true God!

VBS 2011 - Pandamania - Scenes from Tuesday

VBS 2011 - Pandamania - Monday - God is Wild about Us!

God Made You

We are starting the week with 100 registered children and over 50 helpers and staff.  God IS wild about us, he made everything in the world including us!  Crews have been making crafts, eating snacks and learning how God made each of us special and unique.  Keep watching this space for daily pictures and videos of all the fun!

VBS 2011 - PandaMania - Scenes from Monday