VBS 2012: SKY VBS - Day 5

Day 5 – No matter where you are, Trust God!

As we end our vbs this year and each go back home, it is good to know that God is with us wherever we go. It has been a joy for all of the staff and kids (and parents too!) to explore and celebrate each of the ways we can trust God.

VBS 2012: SKY VBS - Day 4

No matter what happens: Trust God!

Romans 8:38 “And I am convinced that nothing can ever separate us from God’s love.” Not thunder storms, not changing plans, neither the big or little stresses of life are more powerful than our loving God.

VBS 2012: SKY VBS - Day 3

No matter what people do: Trust God!

Judas betrays Jesus, other people do things against us, we sin and don’t often do what God wants us to do, but God is still in charge. His plans will be the ones that are completed. His way is better than our way and we can trust God to lead us.

VBS 2012: SKY VBS - Day 2

Day 2: No matter how you feel: Trust God!

Lazarus, Come Forth! Worried, frightened, scared, angry, happy, sad. No matter how we feel, we can trust God to be with us in every situation. Here is what day 2 looked like.

VBS 2012: SKY VBS - Day 1

No Matter Who You Are: Trust God!

Monday was a wonderful start to VBS this year as we soar to new heights in trusting God. We’re so glad you could visit. Quotoing from Pastor Tom: “A soaring success! 100 kids registered, 93 in attendance tonight, and almost 50 wonderful volunteers. A great beginning.” Almost 200 photos from last night, please revisit these posts as we keep updating them. Here are some pictures to start with!


Thank you for every one who has registered! VBS is now full and we are sorry to say that sign-up is now closed. Watch this site next week for updates on our Sky Adventures.