VBS 2013 – Kingdom Rock – Friday

King Josiah discovered God’s words and led his people to follow in God’s way.  All the crafts went home as reminders to Stand Strong with God.  The magnificent Kingdom Cooks served ice cream and it was well enjoyed by all the lords and ladies of the realm.   Now we rest until we celebrate  His Majesty again on Sunday.

Friday at Kingdom Rock

The last night. Joyful, sweet, sometimes tiring. But God’s word lives in us and we can share that with the kids.  So far over $500 has been raised to send audio bibles to India.  Young and old and every age in between it was an awesome night to be part of God’s family.  Sunday worship at 10:00 am will include a closing program then a barbecue after the service.

VBS 2013 – Kingdom Rock – Thursday

Trusting God helps us STAND STRONG.  By putting our faith in Jesus Christ, we are brought into God’s kingdom.

Thursday at Kingdom Rock

Here is our King, Here is our love, here is our God who’s come to bring us back to Him. He is the one, he is Jesus.  Such a wonderful night celebrating our savior.

VBS 2013 – Kingdom Rock – Wednesday

Nehemiah and Swift the falcon reminded us to always pray to God for strength.  When Nehemiah faced tough times and was not sure what to do, he prayed to God for guidance and the strength to do what was right.  God hears us too when we pray and is with us at all times.

Wednesday at Kingdom Rock

“Don’t worry about anything; instead pray about everything.” Philippians 4:6 God know that we are able to worry, he knows we will worry. He also promises to be with us even at those times. How can we be with Him? Pray. And any day we get to joust with noodles in Tournament Games is a good one! We also had a chance to talk to JP from Audio Scripture Ministries who told us more about the project to deliver audio bibles to India.

VBS 2013 - Kingdom Rock - Tuesday

“So encourage each other and build each other up” 1 Thessalonians 5:11

If we are a growing church or a growing family, or friends growing up together; 1 Thessalonians tells us that God’s way for us to be together is to encourage each other.  We are champions for each other, we can fortify each other and we can console each other whenever the situation calls for it.

Thank you to all the champions who helped get the message out tonight!

Tuesday at Kingdom Rock

God uses family and friends to help us Stand Strong.  Queen Esther needed Mordecai to help her face the king, and save her people. We gave thanks for the family and friends who help us, and learned that we can help them too.  Lots of them are in the pictures below.

VBS 2013 - Kingdom Rock - Monday

Day 1 we are learning how to Stand Strong with God.

VBS 2013 - Monday - Stand Strong!

Monday at Kingdom Rock we learned about King David and how God helped him STAND STRONG throughout his life. We “Got a Little Crazy” at Sing & Play Rock, ate yummy heart krispie treats (thanks Kingdom Cooks!) and had a fabulous Fanfare Finale! More pics and videos to come. Here are a few to get us started!