VBS - 2019 - Roar - Photo Montage 1

Sharing the fun with thie video!

VBS - 2019 - Roar - Photo Montage 2

One more video as the week went by!

VBS - 2019 - Roar - Sunday Celebration!

Thank you everyone who attended, prayed, and in any way helped to make this wild VBS a place where we could all experience how good God is to us!

If you prefer to download the video please RIGHT CLICK AND SAVE from this link: “Roar Finale Video”

VBS - 2019 - Roar - Day 5

God IS good! All the time! We celebrate His goodness towards us.



VBS - 2019 - Roar - Day 4

Jesus. Emmanuel, God with us. Who lived, was crucified, died and rose again. The source of our joy!



VBS - 2019 - Roar - Day 3


Change, one thing we often don’t want to do. Change has consequences, it can reshape who we are becoming. In the middle of every change, God is good and he is there for us!




VBS - 2019 - Roar - Day 2





Life can be scary for kids and adults but God is present all the time.



VBS - 2019 - Roar - Day 1








Life can seem unfair at times.  But God’s goodness extends into every moment of our lives. He is our refuge, our place of safety.